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Fit On Raw

Welcome to Fit On Raw!

1,175 views 3 weeks ago
My name is Swayze and welcome to Fit on Raw! I've been eating a low fat, high fruit raw vegan diet since 2007 and I started this channel in 2009 as a way to help others go raw and get fit.

I post 3-5 new videos every week including the ever-popular What I Ate Today on a Mostly Raw Food Diet. I also post recipe demos of healthy raw vegan and cooked vegan recipes as well as useful info on how to transition to and stick with eating such a...strange but wonderful diet. :)

If that sounds awesome to you, be sure to check out some of my videos and subscribe to my channel. Thanks so much for watching!

Fit On Raw Report: http://fitonraw.com
Fit On Raw Book: http://scienceofraw.com or amazon.com
Fit On Raw Channel: http://youtube.com/user/Fit...
Fit On Raw Facebook: https://facebook.com/FitOnRaw
My Movie Review Channel: http://youtube.com/ladylove... Show less
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Exercise and the Raw Vegan Diet Play

While eating a healthy diet is very important, you can't be truly healthy without exercise. Check out these videos for my tips and tricks on working out.
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