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QuickBooks Inventory Management Software

128,170 views 4 years ago
Fishbowl Inventory is the #1 selling inventory management software for QuickBooks! With Fishbowl, you will save time and money by reducing excess inventory and avoiding stock outs. In addition to providing the best in QuickBooks inventory management, Fishbowl also works as standalone inventory software. Some of Fishbowl's most popular features include:

-Serial and Lot Number Tracking
-QuickBooks Integration
-Multi-location Inventory Management
-Manufacturing/Assembly Options
-Barcode Tracking
-Order Management

If you manufacture or distribute various items and want to improve your inventory management process, watch this quick tour to see what Fishbowl's inventory control software can do for you! Show less
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Business Quick Tips - Fishbowl Inventory Play

How do you take control of your inventory management. Here at Fishbowl Inventory we give you our business quick tips on how to stay on top. In these video we show you how to use reorder points, integrate your inventory software with quickbooks, how to best manage your warehouse, how to best set up your manufacturing system, how to set up a purchase order system, and much more.

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Fishbowl Case Studies Play

Fishbowl customers talk about their experience using the software and how it benefits their businesses.
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