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Shitty Channel Trailer 2

243 views 2 months ago
youtube wanted it i guess so this is the sum of my achievements on youtube Show less
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Dark Chronicle's Actual In-Game Music Play

I got really sick of finding only the OST version of this music, which is different in its tone and as such, takes away a lot of the music's charm.

So for all you Dark Chronicle fans, this is for you, the actual music from the game itself, uploaded by request, by you folks.

Hope you enjoy!

FG's Underrated Videogame Music Play

A compilation of underrated videogame music that deserve more attention.
These are the songs that while awesome or even just quite decent, are not so well known, but hopefully that should change.

FG's Underrated Videogame Music Part 2 Play

The second set of underrated music from across all of videogame history, brought to you.
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