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Video Dance Channel

Dance for Camera Play

Movement Media features many artists who have created videodances. Enjoy this wonderful selection of artistic works in our Dance for Camera Playlist! Share your videos by messaging our Channel: FilmingDance4web. Stay tuned for more Dance for Camera at our 2010 UMove Online Videodance Festival in October. 2009's UMove Festival continues to tour at Dance Film Festivals across the globe. Read more about the touring of UMove on our blog: http://pentacleblogs/MovetheFrame/

Featured Artists Playlist Play

A playlist for our favorite artists and a chance to say what we love about their work.

This playlist is for sharing video dances, promo videos, etc., of dancers, choreographers, companies, and other artists who YOU think others should see.

Artists may also feature THEMSELVES on this playlist.

This is a chance for Artists who have been successful promoting dance with video to share with audiences what they want YOU to know about their work online and off.

Maybe there is something new you're trying out with filming dance or making video art, and you want people to see your work and give you positive feedback on it. Maybe you have captured some amazing choreography with your own recording device, or maybe you just want to help your friends get their work seen.

Tell us who YOU like, and help us turn on others. It's a win-win situation for everyone!

No haters are welcome on this playlist!!

This is for lovers and supporters ONLY.

When you email us at movementmedia@pentacle.org to tell us about a video on Youtube that you would like us to share on our Featured Artists Playlist, be sure to share why you find this video exciting, and what you like about the artist you are featuring, or why you love to make this kind of work with video. .

When we organize your video into our Featured Artist Playlist, be sure to comment on your featured video to tell audiences about your interests in this artist's work online or in live performances.
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