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fightTIPS with Shane Fazen

fightTIPS: Street Fight and Self Defense Tips

36,321 views 4 months ago
Hey guys, Shane Fazen here. I'm an international pro Muay Thai fighter, Golden Gloves boxer, and Taekwondo black belt.

fightTIPS teaches you how to fight with street fight and anti-bullying self defense, including martial art technique and fitness tutorials to win a fight and increase confidence. Avoid a fight at all costs, but when you can't -- avoid injury.

New uploads every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday!

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fightTIPS Top 10 Play

Shane's been training martial arts since age 9 and defending himself & his friends on the streets of Philadelphia since grade school. With his knowledge and experience, fightTIPS brings you over 200 videos. Here's the top 10 fan favorites!

Boxing Play

Learn all of the boxing punches, blocks, footwork, and combos with Shane Fazen. Learn everything from the jab, cross, hook, and uppercut, all the way to secret techniques that will increase your punching power and speed!

Motivation And Fighting Fear Play

This group of videos will have you feeling mentally prepared before and during a fight, whether it's on the street or in the ring. Increasing confidence is an important part of training, as well as life in general. Beating your bully, getting that job, acing that test.. if you're motivated and self-assured, you can do anything!

Self Defense Play

All of Shane's Fight Tips can be applied to self defense from an attacker on the street. This playlist is a select group of videos that are specifically for defending yourself against someone that wants to hurt, kill, rob, rape, or abuse you. He shows you how to physically protect yourself and get out of harmful situations, as well as mental ways to avoid getting into these circumstances.

My Fight Story Play

An original webseries about the brutality of street fighting, with interviews of REAL people about REAL street fights.
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