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Calisthenics Workout Motivation and Moves 2014 | Nick Fazio & Joshua Kossak

13,235 views 6 months ago
Video featuring NICK FAZIO and JOSSUA KOSSAK.
Calisthenics workout and motivation 2014. This video features home bodyweight training moves, plyometric exercises, pushups, pullups, dips, handstands, animal flow, street workout style moves, and much more. A variety of advanced movements for working upper body muscles, core and abs, and lower body / legs without any gym equipment or weights.

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Best Of Workout Compilations Play

Fazz Compilations and Highlights Videos

Best of calisthenics and bodyweight workout vids from 2010 to the present. The compilation and highlight videos show a mix of power and strength moves. These are some of the moves that i still use or progressed from to get to harder variations. I do body weight training only using a combination of calisthenics, plyometrics, and other styles. Using the right routine of moves you can build muscle, get stronger, and not need weights or a gym to do it.

Explosive Pushups Play

FAZZ Explosive Pushup Videos !!!

This is my explosive pushup progression from 2010 to present. The videos show explosive push ups and exercises that i use in my workouts. I use this type of plyometric training for building explosiveness of muscles, increase bodyweight power, and increasing the intensity of my work outs.

Core / Abs Play

FAZZ Abs, Obliques, and Core Workout Videos

Exercises for core strength and six pack abs. I use alot of dragon flag variations, leg raises, and front lever training for building core and ab muscles. Core training should be done as a progression by starting with beginner variations and working up to more advanced exercises. For core and abs to show you have to have a low bodyfat percentage, this can be achieved through cardio and diet.
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