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Faxi Reborn - MoP lvl 90 Retribution Paladin PvP

386,795 views 2 years ago
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The long waited PvP movie staring the PvP Veteran Faxi.
I've made similar PvP videos since 2007. But they were on my old account (fisken91).
Which then got deleted.

This video contains Retribution Paladin PvP in Mist of Pandaria at lvl 90.

Containing the spankin new lvl 90 spell we've got.

What you can expect from this video:
High skillplay from a veteran Retri Paladin.
Insane crits. ( Even a 100k autoattack HIT!)
3v1/2v1 fights.
Footage of the new awesome MoP Battlegrounds.
Awesome music!
EQUAL OPPONENTS, everyone on the MoP Beta have the same PvP gear which everyone can buy freely.
Awesome Grand Marshal transmog ( I was knight.captain back in Vanilla )
Great editing and History.

Faxi also known as FaxiDerp, is my name.
And I am proud to present " Faxi Reborn " To you.

I HOPE YOU ENJOYED THE SHOW - IF YES, Please support me and hit subscribe!
Because I'm NO way near stopping doing videos for you guys!

Music supplied by : facebook.com/glueballrecords


* - The 360 prot video i made was because I changed from my beloved retri spec into prot, which i've never tryed before, so it was a complete turnaround, and then also because everytime i fired off my oneshotting avenger's Shield, i did a 360' ;)

Faxi / FaxiDerp Over & Out.

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