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Juss B - FKOFd010

98 views 3 weeks ago
FKOF Promo!

Having released our first American-produced EP a few months back with Bakir's brilliant FKOFd008, two releases later we're following up with another American artist. Although Juss B is based in Bali these days, he's a producer we've long been a fan of - so much so we've had this EP scheduled since February...

FKOFd010 drops 07/07/14 (exclusive to Juno for two weeks) and is available from all other good electronic retailers from 21/07/14.

1. Juss B - Boatland
2. Juss B - The Omen VIP
3. Juss B - Braata
4. Juss B - Cerberus


"We first started working with Juss B at the end of 2012, welcoming him to the MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire feature series with an outstanding guest mix and interview. Since then, we've gone on to release one of his tunes - Friction - on last year's FKOFUn/Known01 and hosted a handful of his FKOF Frees (including last year's Anathema and the more recent Evolve). Whenever we work with the producer, the response is always an overwhelmingly positive one; it seems both we and the FKOF audience can't get enough of him.

"Korrupt first suggested signing a Juss B FKOFd EP when he heard The Omen VIP earlier this year. We've always been keen on Torrey's sound but we felt that track best epitomises why; haunting vocals, clattering percussion and a brick wall of sub. Braata is another one of Torrey's older tunes we've been sitting on for a while. It's a regular on the FKOF Sessions radio show and is always greeted by a roar of approval when it's dropped on a system. You can hear why when the first drop rolls in, with its tight tribal drum work, spooky samples and a tsunami-like baseline that forces you to take note. Cerberus is a slightly more laid-back affair, one that pulls for the vocals but combines them with rolling synths, reverb'd drums and significant space between the elements. Boatland is the newest tune of the four, one that authoritatively puts the Juss B stamp on the dubby vibe everyone's producing at the moment. Of the four, Boatland might just be our favourite track on the Juss B EP. It's sumptuous and sensual; a tune perfectly comfortable at home on the stereo or played out in a set.

"Separately, the four tracks on Torrey's FKOFd EP invite repeat listens. Together, they represent why we've signed him. It's a brilliantly cohesive release, highlighting what the producer is capable of, and one we're very proud of."

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