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Celes Zalphumia

Tales of Graces - Human Sacrifice Alice

522 views 4 years ago
~*~*~*~*~*~*~DON'T WATCH THIS IF YOU DON'T WANNA GET SPOILED!!!!~*~*~*~*~*~*~

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I haven't made amy AMVs in a looooonngggggg and... FINALLY IT'S COMPLETED! Due to having technical difficulties with WMM.... yeah. I finally got Sony Vegas thanks to a friend of mine then I finally got to finish up my AMV! 8D
Anyways... yep. It's finally complete. When I couldn't stop listening to Human Sacrifice Alice I really wanted to make a Tales AMV out of it. I was also inspired by KurokawaAyumiChan with her Fire Emblem Human Sacrifice Alice video to make this AMV♥ Although her verison of the Human Sacrifice Alice song is different but I was still inspired by her to make this AMV.

Asbel = the 1st Alice
Richard = the 2nd Alice
Cheria = the 3rd Alice
Sophie and Lambda = the 4th Alice
I know I should've made Hubert the 2nd Alice because he's blue but there wasn't many anime clips of him so I decided Richard will be the 2nd Alice. And also Hubert didn't really looked like the type of person who likes to sing XD; Also uhhhh.... before you go flaming at me, just pretend that the other clips of younger Asbel near the end of the video is Lambda. There was no anime cutscene clips of him. Flame me and I'll just delete your comment :P Show less
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Tales of the World: Summoner's Lineage Play

A not so very popular Tales game but I actually liked it. Although I wish the person who made the script would finish it and I wish someone made a patch for this game.

This game needs more love D:
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