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Let's Play Disney Infinity Guardians of the Galaxy - First 30 Minutes (1 of 6)

17,943 views 5 days ago
The first half an hour with the game as we play through with Star-Lord, looking at the new play-set, multi-player modes, vehicles and cross over characters.

At a recent visit to Studio Gobo in the UK we had this hands on time with the game. This is the third Marvel play-set for Disney Infinity 2.0.
Part1: Guardians of the Galaxy First 30 Minutes
Part 2: Guardians of the Galaxy Max Upgrades Star-Lord, Gamora Rocket, Drax, Groot
Part 3: Guardians of the Galaxy Villain
Part 4: Guardians of the Galaxy Toy Figures
Part 5: Guardians of the Galaxy Studio Head Interview
Part 6: Guardians of the Galaxy Concept Artists Interview
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