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Florida Virtual School

Florida Virtual School. Go Ahead. (Commercial) by FLVS

132,735 views 1 year ago
Today, you have options. Options in how you learn and where you learn. At Florida Virtual School we are a public school but, as you can probably tell, we're not just any public school. We're online. That means no bells, no bus stops, and best of all, no limitations.

This is your time. Go Ahead.

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FLVS Course Tours Play

Ever wonder how FLVS online courses work? Well, here is your chance to see for yourself! These videos will give you a sneak peek into some of our most popular courses. To see our full course catalog or to sign up today, visit http://www.flvs.net.

Our Students Play

All the videos in this playlist either feature or were created by FLVS students! Hear about how FLVS has helped and affected other students lives in our student success story videos, check out some awesome student created videos from the meLearning Video Contest, and even see what some of our other stellar students are up to. For more information about FLVS and our awesome students, visit www.flvs.net.
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