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Friends of Animals United NJNY


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FAUN is a coalition of animal / earth liberation activists who are bound by the twin objectives of exposing and working against the perpetrators of overt & clandestine animal exploitation wherever they are operating.

We are firmly united in our commitment to publicizing animal-use industries' profit-driven lies and illusions, as well as engaging in the practical, street-level action so essential to bringing about the local (and ultimately universal) abolition of retrograde, dark-age practices that systematically exploit and destroy countless nonhuman sentient beings, and the Earth itself.

Above and beyond our own initiatives, we promote and actively participate in the initiatives and engagements of allied groups and individual activists in our region who share our ideological/practical objectives of promoting veganism and a universal, unconditional moratorium on all forms of animal slavery.

FAUN understands that Animal Liberation WILL NOT advance unless we shake off the safe, ineffectual, ego-balming platform of coffeehouse veganism, unless we unify ourselves in solemn, sober commitment to our purpose, unless we convert our movement from a collection of self-flattering, armchair theories into a dynamic, pragmatic, effective set of practices.

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