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Explore Mars, Inc.

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ExploreMars is a project-oriented, international non-profit organization passionately dedicated to awareness and action resulting in successful human exploration of Mars.

2012 ExpIoreMars.org ISS & Mars Conference - Strasbourg Play

The 2012 International Space Station (ISS) & Mars conference took place Thursday and Friday, April 12-13, 2012 at the International Space University (ISU) in Strasbourg, France. This is the "raw" video feed from the webcast.

The goal of the conference is to examine methods for utilizing the ISS as a test bed for missions to Mars in the near future, 10-20 years out, and the advantages to international cooperation which will result in successful missions in the 2030's.

The public is invited to attend these conferences in person or via webcast, where questions may be submitted via Twitter to #issandmars. We welcome input from people of all experience levels from the many disciplines involved, i.e. engineering, scientific, cultural, medical, psychological, agricultural. Please feel free to contact us at info@exploremars.org, and follow us:

Website: http://exploremars.org
Facebook: http://facebook.com/exploremars.org
Twitter: @exploremars - http://twitter.com/exploremars
Youtube: http://youtube.com/exploremarsinc

Mars Video Picks from Around YouTube - ExploreMars.org Play

Some of our favorite videos from the Youtube community. Some are informative, others just plain fun.

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Warm regards,

The ExploreMars team
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