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#06 - Birth by Sleep FINAL MIX: HD Chronicles — Radiant Garden [V, T, A]

2,509 views 4 days ago
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— 00:00:01 Radiant Garden, Ventus
— 00:00:50 Radiant Garden, Terra
— 00:11:16 Radiant Garden, Aqua
— 00:22:30 Meeting Kairi
— 00:35:14 Trinity Armour Boss Battle
— 00:47:55 Left Behind
— 00:57:20 Braig Boss Battle, Terra
— 01:07:00 Vanitas Fight #2, Aqua

NOTE: Radiant Garden represents the most challenging world in this Chronicles project. I actually took 4 days just to put everything in the exact order, and I did my best to give the best feeling of cooperation against the Trinity Armour, as well as Aqua's feelings when Terra and Ventus left her. The fight against Vanitas has been made in order to make it seem like a real challenge for Aqua.

It would be worth to notice that there is actually a small "mistake", if we can call it like that, made by Square Enix for what concerns Ventus' and Aqua's chronological events in this world. At 11:50 Aqua meets Scrooge who tells her that he saw Ventus heading to the Gardens (even though she was referring to Terra, Scrooge thought of Ventus, but this is not relevant). BUT on that exact moment, Ventus is actually coming back from the gardens (when Aeleus and Dilan leave the Castle entrance undefended) and he is going to reach the Central Plaza, where Aqua is. This is not technically possible, because Aqua does arrive at Radiant Garden after Ventus, but they don't get to meet each other until they fight the Trinity Armour.
So I had to "handle" the situation and made it in a way so when Aqua is in the Garden, Ventus is coming down from them, but they don't get to see each other in the heat of the battles. That is the only possible solution, if we are going to keep the best chronological order possible.

-I've been recently using my Twitter account again. Feel free to follow/message me over there, I'll definitely reply to all of you: https://twitter.com/everglo... -


Played on PPSSPP emulator with PS4 controller, recorded with Fraps.
Birth by Sleep Chronicles is a project that I already did in October 2012, only because I always wondered how would the story look like if we mixed Terra, Ventus and Aqua's plot events.

In this playthrough, I will assign always different and various sets of Commands for both Terra and Aqua. They're full-experienced Keyblade wielders, and it makes sense for them having a set of epic moves from the very beginning instead of a boring Quick Blitz.
Same thing for Ven, even though he will be a bit slower at learning new abilities.
The game is, of course, played on Critical Mode. A proper single-player playthrough will be recorded when Square Enix will be so kind to release HD 2.5 ReMIX.


Birth by Sleep FINAL MIX: HD Chronicles is a project that consists of creating a full playthrough of KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep, mixing Terra's, Ventus' and Aqua's stories in a chronological order. As you know, most of the time Terra is the first one reaching a world, followed by Ventus and finally by Aqua. But sometimes the three characters meet each others in the same world, and whilst one of them is busy fighting against a certain boss, the other two are exploring some other place. With this project, we will be able to get the full picture of the chronological events, without sticking with one character at time like we normally would, but watching all three of them in the same video.

Why am I remaking this video series? Because the first Birth by Sleep Chronicles was just a random project, more like a test. That playthrough was just made of my old Birth By Sleep playthrough uploaded on my pacey8444 channel, back in autumn 2010.
This time though, I'm working on this like a very few people would.
Firstly, I'll be providing a real HD quality, as I am playing this game on PPSSPP, a PSP emulator. Video and audio quality is more enjoyable than usual. Moreover, I'm playing and recording with the No Background Music cheat code. This is essential for obtaining a perfect result, because even when the events/the cutscenes/the worlds suddenly change, the music won't be affected. In fact, I am going to manually insert the musics in, so that we can have the best possible idea of continuity. In short, whatever music you hear in the videos, I manually put it. Sometimes I'll change the music itself, or even let it start either before or later than usual, according to my style. For instance, in this video I replaced the standard Destati with the one from HD 1.5 ReMIX. I'm curious to see how many of you will notice these changes.
Also, cutscenes won't have subtitles, for a more cinematic effect for your pretty eyes.
And finally, I'm playing the FINAL MIX version of this game, since I never had the chance to record a playthrough of it except for its new secret bosses. Show less
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