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Kelvyn Taylor

GUIDES - Kelvyn Taylor Gang feat. Tanisha Jackland, Marty Lucas, Barry Snaith, David Augustin & Zeba

263 views 10 months ago
An amazing SoundCloud collaboration masterminded by Barry Snaith, based on the original track 'Bluestronic' by Kelvyn Taylor (http://snd.sc/16M3JFl)

Snaithilicious Guitars, Whistling and Production by Barry Snaith - Inconsistent Jukebox (https://soundcloud.com/barr...)
Words and voice - Tanisha Jackland (https://soundcloud.com/lady...)
Accordion - Marty Lucas (https://soundcloud.com/mlucas)
Double Bass, Organ & Baritone Guitar - David Augustin (https://soundcloud.com/ecst...)
Harmonica & Banjo - V. Zeberg (Zeba) (https://soundcloud.com/plai...)

Video production - Kelvyn Taylor (https://soundcloud.com/kelvynt)

All video material is public domain clips sourced from the Prelinger Archive (http://archive.org/details/...)

GUIDES - words by Tanisha Jackland

We channel them by wading
In the waters of sleep

Until they discover us in those depths,
out from opacity,
doused in heavy scent of lucid hopes.
Steering us away from the shallows of docile minds
and fractured egos

They command this realm of slumber,
whispering as gentle as the
moon's waft voice, routes to
more suitable lives

They meet us in corners of
spatial thought, then
purge the shadows that anchor us
while kissing our most embedded secrets

They will unite us
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