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Cancer Cure using all 65+ Cannabinoids Play

MESSAGE #1 ... Cannabis & Milk
Eating Cannabis with Milk (Bhang) on an empty stomach before a meal is the best way to obtain reproducible effects.
Dr. Melamede

MESSAGE #2 ...
CB2 Receptors & Human Pathology
CB2 Receptors were known to only exist in the immune system but now it turns out that no matter where in your body you have pathology as soon as you have pathology your body up regulates the cb2 receptors.
Dr. Melamede

MESSAGE #3 ...
Cannabis Absorption
When you eat Cannabis it's absorbed not simply into the blood stream where it would go through the liver. But rather the majority of it is actually absorbed right into the Lymphatic system. Where it's going to get distributed to your body without change.
Dr. Melamede

MESSAGE #4 ...
Cannabinoids Inhibit Cancer
One of the first things a tumor needs to survive is a blood supply. So it breaks down some of the tissue surrounding it to absorb blood. But if you can inhibit the growth of new blood vessels, inhibit tumors Vascular endothelial growth factor (Vegf), inhibit Matassis, inhibit the Enzymes surrounding the tumor & inhibit the breakdown of the extra cellular matrix the tumor dies ... Cannabinoids inhibit all of that!
Dr. Melamede
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