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EquallyAble Foundation

1000 wheelchairs in 10 countries

230 views 1 year ago
As part of the global initiative, EquallyAble is providing 1000 wheelchairs in 10 different countries. Each wheelchair will cost $250 and be custom fitted to the individual need. Every dollar spend will be matched by a local partner in that country to provide training or service. Uganda, Pakistan and Bangladesh are the first few countries to get these wheelchairs; other countries are being considered and will be added later. Show less
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This channel showcases the most inspiring videos from the programs undertaken by EquallyAble Foundation
This channel showcases videos from the Poverty Reduction program of EquallyAble Foundation.
  • Solar Based Income Generating Scheme

    EquallyAble Foundation launched the Solar Innovation project six months
    ago in order to reach people with disabilities in rural villages, where
    there is no light, no hope for any income, job, or fu...
  • Self Employment in Different Cities

    EquallyAble Foundation helped set up several small businesses for people with disabilities pursuant to their skills, education and age. This video show 3 such businesses from different parts of India.
This channel showcases videos from the Education and Skills program of EquallyAble Foundation.
This channel showcases videos from the Rehab and Medical program of EquallyAble Foundation.
This channel showcases videos from the Social & Technology program of EquallyAble Foundation.

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This channel showcases videos of awards, honors and other outreach.
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