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Pastor Charles Stanley Sermon series: Letting Go of Anger Play

This playlist contains all 4 parts of Pastor Charles Stanley's sermon series on "Letting Go of Anger" from April 2009, replayed October, & November of the same year:
1.Are You Angry?
2.The Consequences of Anger
3.How To Handle Anger
4.Anger, & Forgiveness

Btw, His e-mail is incorrect in 2 of the vids. I just noticed this. Edit: I deleted the videos with the incorrect Charles Stanley contact info, & reposted videos that had the correct info. Pastor Charles F Stanley's correct e-mail is: askDrStanley@InTouch.org & the In Touch Ministries website: www.InTouch.org

Sorry for this serious error! :(

Thank You, & God Bless! :)

Super Nes Super Star Wars Cutscenes Movie Play

These are all the cutscenes from all 3 of the Super Nintendo versions of the Super Star Wars trilogy of games. These games, despite being licensed movie games, are only 800 points($8), currently as of this posting (date), on the VC system.

Also note, none of the games strictly follow each movie's plot. Allowances are made for gameplay reasons.

Enjoy, & God bless! :)

Rolling Thunder 2 Complete Soundtrack Play

The entire selection of tracks in Rolling Thunder 2.
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