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I don't know who I am.

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Welcome to Happy Hour! Tonight we're drinking scotch.
I have a P.O. box! Send fun things to:
Elliott Morgan
321 N. Pass Avenue, #200
Burbank CA, 91505

Don't drink and drive. Uber. Get up to a $30 credit here: https://uber.com/invite/mfvms

Watch all of Elliott's past vlogs at: http://www.youtube.com/elli... or visit http://www.elliottmorgan.com for even more goodness!

Follow Elliott on his snarky Twitter: http://twitter.com/elliottc...
Follow Elliott on his high-falutin' Tumblr: http://elliottwith2ts.tumbl...
Follow Elliott on his friendly, non-invasive Facebook: http://dft.ba/-6ueu
Follow Elliott on his narcissistic Instagram: http://instagram.com/elliot...
Follow Elliott on his mediocre Vine: @elliottmorgan

For updates on Elliott's other projects, subscribe to http://youtube.com/elliottm... and check out http://youtube.com/hacksthe....

For business inquiries, please email business@elliottmorgan.com.

Special thanks to:

Daren Von Girdner (http://youtube.com/darenvon...), the most amazing rapper/person combo since Hammer (http://twitter.com/darenvon...).

Cameron Mackey (http://twitter.com/papagocam) for a fantastic beat. Check out his photography, as well as the duo that he becomes when combined with aforementioned Daren Von Girdner.

Norg (http://twitter.com/nathanno...) for helping with various graphics, including but not limited to the bumper of this program. I'd also like to thank him for teaching me stuff, making good meat, and have a heart made of solid gold.

Curtis McConnell (http://twitter.com/c_mcconnell) for the use of his camera, eyes, and brains. Everything you see here is shot through a lens he owns, and a camera that he owns.

Chris Paris (http://twitter.com/ChrisPar...) for the use of his microphone, tripod, and woodworking skills.

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