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Dan Derkson

The Rapture-tastics - Live at The Wiggle Room, July 16, 2014

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Now that the Rapture has come and gone and the Prince of Lies is sitting comfortably on his throne, it's time to get the party started. Satan himself has brought back the only art form that is specifically designed for hell on earth, the barbershop quartet, but in his own special way. So join his minions Baal (King of Slaughter and Mayhem), Oriax (Marquis of Hell), Samael (The Seducer and Destroyer) and their "friend" Dennis or as they're better known, The Rapture-tastics, as they turn this time of torment into a time of toe-tappin. This is barbershop that truly celebrates this new topsy-turvy world we're living in. Well... that SOME of us are livin' in.

Baal (Bass) - Dan Derkson
Oriax (Tenor) - Paul Kininmonth
Samael (Baritone) - Adam Gallay
Dennis (Lead) - Jon Corkal

Event: Voix-de-Ville (July 16, 2014)
Venue: The Wiggle Room in Montreal

Video: Melissa Galianos
Editting & Animation: Dan Derkson Show less
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