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Eelco In USA Day 1

248 views 1 month ago
Today I flew to the USA to attend VidCon. But first I have to get there! My morning started around 8 in Amsterdam when I woke up at my borthers appartment. Got a shower and took the metro, at least that was my plan... but since it left 3 min early I just missed it! So plan nr 2 was the bus to the train and then the train to Shiphol. This went allright, yeah!
When I arrived at Schiphol I looked up my flight, got to the gate and sat down, got back up and got a coffee and got back down again :P Around 10.15 I cleared customs (scary questions) and got into the plan at my very own exit seat (yeey legroom!). The flight was long but something like 15 episodes of anger managemeny made it a whole lot easy. Plus ofcourse the pretty view!
Next stop Philly! Here my first quest was to get some food, this was a bigger challenge then anticipated since my bank pas didn't work (dafug?) so I had to rely on my credit card. But in the end I got my first burger on american soil!
While boarding the flight to LA I ran into Phill, a youtuber from mediakraft germany with whoem I had the pleasure of spending a crazy night in Amsterdam. We had a nice chat and got into the plan. Next stop LA!
During the flight I had the pleasure of sitting next to a flight attended who just got of duty and had a nice conversation about working as aflight atended, living in LA and working (based from) Philly and more.
We arrived at LAX somewhere around 19.00ish. I was awake for over 20 hours at this point and was getting kinda tired, after waiting for my bag and another nice chat with some of the MediaKraft guys (they flew over 50 of their content creators, 22 in the same flight as me). I got into the bus to my rental car.
After arriving there I had some trouble with my credit card being declined (dafug?). Next challenge finding a (thats what I rented) mid sized SUV, the only one left was a Red Jeep, kinda ugly but the last car in the lot! So I hereby officially name it "The ugly duckling" or TUD!
I got into TUD and drove to David & Jerry where I would spend the night. I arrived there around 12 in the night and after beeing awake for over 26 hours! After meeting Jerry (David wasn't home yet) and playing a bith with Weego (there pug) I fell asleep.

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