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e-dubble - The Grey

425,762 views 8 months ago
Download "The Grey" on iTunes http://smarturl.it/EdubGrey

For my new project "The Grey" I wanted something really special for the release. It's a very visual song so it seemed pretty natural to release it as a video first. Our production team did an amazing job with the shoot, and really captured the energy of the song. Huge thanks to Joey Malinski and Will Hemsley. Additionally, I had alot of fun producing the track- it gave me a chance to switch pace, drop the tempo and have a good time with my flow.
- e-dubble

iTunes http://smarturl.it/edubiTunes
Twitter https://twitter.com/EdubHipHop
Facebook https://facebook.com/EdubHi...

Director: William Hemsley
Director of Photography/Editor: J. Leland Malinski
Gaffer: Chris Landing
Grip: Francis Hemsley
Graphics: Andrew Caughy
Across the Bridge Productions

Additional Production by Vini Vici
Mixed and mastered by Ryan Shanahan
Recorded at the Lineup Room Recording Studio, Baltimore, MD by Brandon Lackey
Special thanks Ryan Dare, Peter Muth, and Adam Noto.

e-dubble - The Grey
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At some point, everyone wishes for a clean slate. A chance to start over, to be absolved of regret, to put hindsight and wisdom to good use. Things aren't in black and white, there are many shades of grey. Things are not absolute. For every right and wrong there exists an extenuating circumstance to shift your judgment. Ultimately to open up our minds to new possibilities, we have to 'Reset'.

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