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Echo.and.Drake - "Empire" Live

116,228 views 1 year ago
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*Echo & Drake named BEST BAND at the 1st Annual CT Music Awards 2012!*

So we meet again in Paris
Where nightmares breed in the dark and
We perfected crazy eyes in broken mirrors
And swore we'd never get out if not together

With tears in your eyes you said "I'm ready"
When our hands meet in the dark you feel not too steady
The flood gates open, but we were busy setting fire
To every rooftop love we desired

And you can have it, my empire of sadness, gravity, light and sound
Keep your distance, I'll not be reminded of where the feelings drowned

One for the love and two for the money
Three's a dream, not for me, honey
What life gives is never enough and winter is coming
Why do I feel more alone when it's you and I?

"Empire" was recorded live at The Capitol Theater

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