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Eastwood Subscriber Free Tool Giveaway

189,424 views 5 months ago
Eastwood has decided to give back to their Subscribers in a big way! Not only will Subscribers receive the latest how-to & product demonstration videos videos, but also a chance to win FREE tools from Eastwood!

When Eastwood hits 25K subscribers, a random winner will be chosen, who will receive his/her choice of 1 of the 3 products listed below:

1. Eastwood MIG Welder 135 Amp Item #12011
2. Eastwood 100-lb. Soda Blaster Item #50095
3. Eastwood Concours HVLP Paint Gun w/1.2 Tip Item #51550

Eastwood will also award even bigger prizes when we hit 50K, 75K, & 100K subscribers. So subscribe now and you will have 4 chances to win!

Click the SUBSCRIBE button now to get Great How To Videos & Demonstrations, National Event Coverage, Amazing Deals on our Products and MORE! Eastwood - Since 1978.

If you want to learn how to MIG or TIG weld, you need to Subscribe Now! If you're interested in welding, powder coating, soda and abrasive blasting, painting, or just about anything involved with restoring a car, you need to SUBSCRIBE now.

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Are you an Eastwood Guy? A Real Eastwood Guy takes pride not only in a job well done but also the tools he uses to do the job right. Eastwood has been supplying products to DIYers since 1978 - including welders, plasma cutters, paint, soda and abrasive media, powder coating supplies, metal fab equipment, rust solutions, specialty tools and more!

If you take pride in a job well done, visit eastwood.com today for everything you need to do the job right. What makes you an Eastwood Guy?

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