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Prevent Bursting Outdoor Water Faucet - Purchase Adjustable Rod Kit!

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http://www.BuyEagle.biz/adj... - Save Time! You don't have to remove the existing rod to determine rod length! Simply purchase, remove old rod and then install! The Patented Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) prevents the faucet tube from bursting in freezing conditions, even if a hose is unintentionally left connected. Kit includes all necessary parts to retrofit the most-common 4" to 14*" Woodford rod lengths.

Prevent Faucet Tube from bursting in freezing conditions! Fits Woodford outdoor faucet models 14, 16, 17, 19, 22 or V22. Kit includes an adjustable length operating rod with a pressure relief valve (PRV) for 4" to 14" tube lengths.

*Overall faucet tube lengths including faucet head are 6" to 16". This kit only fits Woodford Faucets. Show less
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Prevent Frozen Outdoor Faucets from Bursting Play

These videos show what causes an outdoor faucet to freeze or burst and how you can upgrade your Woodford faucet to prevent bursting by using a Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) Upgrade Kit.
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