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Rise to the Challenge with Collaboration of EP Members Play

The horrible idea that started it all. Join CookNTime, Hypnos, Ivolt, Necro, and Ray as they fail at this Super Mario World Romhack..

*caution: not all videos for this LP are listed here.*
(I'm too lazy to track them all down. I can say that most of the later ones are on the viddler account. Just check the thread on Emuparadise. It's all in there somewhere.) -Ray

Megaman Zero with Ray Play

Ray begins his attempt to play through the entire Megaman Zero series.

Go to http://www.epforums.org/showthread.php?t=93063 for the LP thread including a dialogue dump, the full cyber elf list (with images) and assorted help.

Conditions of LP:
No elves, A Rank, all levels complete
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