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Peter M

  • Former FBI Agent Reveals Who Really Killed JFK

    A retired FBI Agent and Police Chief, who was one of the original investigators in Dallas examining the JFK assassination, stumbles upon records and reports that were doctored. He knows that, beca...
  • "its Bush's fault, everything is Bush's fault, its those ATM machines, its those darn Ticket Kiosk at the airports, its the GOP, its the right wing, its those conservative Christians"! General Eisenhower, "Excuses are the first sign of very weak leadership". That's all we get from Obama and his "useful idiot" sheep, lies, lies, lies, and excuse after excuse. Liberalism 101-blame Bush, Lib 102-use the race card, Lib 103-shoot the messenger, Lib 104-blame the right wing nuts, Lib 105 -lie lie lie

    NewsBusted 10/29/13

    -- Obamacare
    -- Website Glitches
    -- HealthCare.Gov
    -- Rose Garden Press Conference
    -- Kathleen Sebilius
    -- Senator Ted Cruz
    -- Tavis Smiley
    -- Bacon-Scented iPhones

    Love NewsBusted and ...
  • rebjiii is stuffed so far up Obama's ass, he hasn't had a fresh breath of air since 2008. Obama calls him "useful idiot". While Obama destroys his nation, and makes him pay the highest gas prices, food prices in history, makes his nation a laughing stock around the world, rebjiii can be found in here defending the very man who laughs at his stupidity. Hitler called these people "useful idiots" also. Jim Jones led them to the koolaid lines. How rebjiii escaped the koolaid line is a mystery?

    NewsBusted 10/22/13

    -- Obamacare
    -- Democrats
    -- Debt Ceiling
    -- New York Times
    -- Hillary Clinton
    -- MSNBC
    -- Fox News
    -- Silent Restaurant
    -- Alec Baldwin
    -- California Governor Jerry Brown

    Love NewsBuste...
  • Can't even watch a football game now without these liberal fool PC Obama useful idiots lecturing you. I did not see this live, I change the channel as soon as this repugnant liberal fool opens his mouth...

    Bob Costas is an idiot, Redskins. NBC idiots too!

    Bob Costas bending over for Obama to change Washington Redskins name. He concluded that the name "Redskins" is offensive. No. It's not!

    NBC needs to remove Costas now!

    I find the name "Bob Costa...
  • rebjiii, well then tell me LIAR loser, what good did husatan Obama do for Chicago? Please just one thing, just one. You can't without making up a LIE so don't bother moron. The man has never accomplished ANYTHING positive for anyone except himself and his mooching wife. Obama stole millions he had allocated for rundown projects in Chicago, he and Tony Resko, Resko went to jail Obama the WH thanks to fools like you. That's what Obama did for his "useful idiots" in Chicago! TRUTH!!! F U PUNK!!

    NewsBusted 10/01/13

    -- Obamacare
    -- Computer Glitch
    -- John McCain
    -- Ted Cruz
    -- Harry Reid
    -- Filibuster
    -- Dan Pfieffer
    -- Republicans
    -- Terrorists
    -- Iran's Hassan Rouhani
    -- Colbert Report
    -- C...
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