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Michael Anthony Alberta

Dynamic Body Art Institute ( Press Release Intro )

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The following is a transcribed discussion covering several topics we delve into.

TOPIC: A medicinal slant on the trade

Michael Anthony Alberta,In the field of body art, why is it so important to raise awareness about chakras, meridians, and nadi?
Many artists permanently mark people without necessarily thinking about whether the part of the body being treated has any connection to an energetic pathway. In acupuncture, IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND THAT WHEN YOU NEEDLE A POINT ON THE BODY, YOU AFFECT NOT ONLY THE SYMPTOMOLOGY OF THE PHYSICAL BUT ALSO ALL OF THE OTHER more subtle BODIES AS WELL. Knowledge of symbolism and rituals means precious little without respecting this truth. Our online guild is working to bring body art back from where it once came- as a medicinal practice. Most people think body art was spearheaded by early Rome with their nipple piercings while others believe it was the Etruscans who pioneered our culture- However Ancient Egyptian mummies may have predated both civilizations. Ironically enough their markings were over similar areas- namely our body's subtle energetic matrix. With that being said, it is very much possible that body art was originally used as a healing modality. While some of us think modern science should pick up where our ancestors left off, others in our community; respectfully do not.

Michael Anthony Alberta,Is our subtle energetic matrix the only metaphysical thing artists should be aware of?
History has taught us blood is the active ingredient of most spells and holy worship. The Egyptians, the Mayans, and the Druids all have documented evidence that they used bloodletting to heal each other. Pronounced Greek surgeon and intellectual, Galen created a detailed system for carrying this out. The Hebrew Talmud contains a specific recipe for bloodletting- As do's Christian and Islamic scripture. Blood Sacrifice is implemented by many forms of energy work to intensify its power. Sure sometimes it gets carried off into the disfigurement and mutilation arena but there's no reason to take it there if you ask me.

While studying the history of alternative medicine I noticed the act of aesthetically altering the body to resurface itself over and over again- In cultures that were never exposed to Vedic teachings on vortex energies. Permanently marking the human body is one of the most shamanic experiences on Earth. It's also the seed for modifications beyond our wildest dreams. Before the advent of modern technology betterments were mainly a result of maneuvering each other's senses through a combination of rocks, herbs, and potions. We have continued this behavior on a much grander scale. We may chuckle at some of our ancestor's tactics but little do we know we're on the same path. The scientists of today will most likely be called barbaric alchemists in the future. I don't whole heartedly support the phrase "out with the old in with the new"; instead I wish to connect the traditional with the contemporary. I'm not a hoarder either, one of the best reasons for new blood is the oppositions they pose to older ideas that no longer gel with the changes time has brought about. Show less
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