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{Sexy Zexy Short - Kingdom Hearts Parody;

307 views 7 months ago
While we were filming for our introduction we decided to do a small short! We want you to know that we are becoming active again and we are still in the process of filming!

Not only that! We have many new members present and old members as well!
We hope you enjoy and stay tuned for more! :)

Do you live in the Riverside, CA area and interested in joining the group?
PM me! Or check out our page at:
ALSO, don't forget to like us for constant updates! :) Show less
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&Unorganized Escapades; Play

Unorganized Escapades is the name of our Kingdom Hearts series we put together. This is a PARODY. We do not really own the rights to Kingdom Hearts, we're just cosplayers having some fun. You should check it out! =) We use characters from the first game to the second game.

&Fillers And Teasers; Play

These are fillers and teasers from our shows! Side things we do while we're not filming the actual episodes. This includes, Shorts and CMVs. :)
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