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  • 역시 한겨례다.

    [한겨레캐스트 #73] '평화 제로' 한반도, 북한 도발의 끝은?

    2013년 4월10일(수)
    〈한겨레캐스트 2013 #72 - 오피니언〉

    15일 전후 북한의 물리적 도발 가능성
    남북관계의 '생명선' 개성공단의 중단
    '평화 제로' 한반도, 북한 도발의 끝은?

    사실 지금 상황이 매우 위험한 것은 부인할 수 없는 사실입니다. 미국이 북한의 영변핵시설을 폭격하려고 했던 1993년 제1차 핵 위기 이후 가장 긴장이 고조된...
  • as far as I know, he got off with huge bail even though we don't know for sure what his case will amount to.

    but Oscar Pistorious case brings a lot of questions in relation to similar incidents as described in the video.

    doesn't give any rights for shooters to shoot anyone he suspects to be dangerous but doesn't mean we have the right to call it a premediated when it obviously was Clearly accidental.

    Oscar Pistorius Court Case

    • 1 year ago
    This is regards to the Incident described in above news article.
    I am a person who has an extensive knowledge of the minds of criminals.
    and I believe there is a high possibility that this incident wa
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