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Anne Hill

Interview with Ryan Hurd - "Dream Like a Boss" Book Launch

I spoke with author and dream researcher Ryan Hurd about his new book "Dream Like a Boss: Sleep Better, Dream More, and Wake Up to What Matters Most." We talk about lucid and creative dreaming, personal myths, dreams as a feedback system, and the possibilities for dream research (and shows about dreams!) in the coming year. 

Topics we discussed:

Where the title "Dream Like a Boss" came from, how to be a badass in the dream world, and why we need a pragmatic introduction to dream research and dreamwork methods (1:01)
Dreams are a feedback system - what this means, and how to use dream feedback to lead a better life, curb anxiety, and get better sleep (5:45)
Bringing back helpful and healing imagery from dreams, and using them as visualizations for going to sleep, finding "your personal portal into the dream" (12:22)
The "Backward Day" practice, from Fariba Bogzaran, that helps take the emotional charge out of the day's events and allows for better dreams (15:35)
What our private myths tell us, from "A dream is a private myth, a myth is a public dream" by Joseph Campbell, to Stanley Krippner's personal mythology program (18:42)
SHADOW - a dream app and startup that Ryan and I are advisors for, and the great possibilities for tracking our recurring dreams, inducing more lucid dreams, and expanding our understanding of the function of dreaming (22:25)
What would a TV show about dreams look like? My thoughts on the 6th anniversary of Dream Talk Radio, and how dreams and culture influence each other (28:45)
Dreams and self-knowledge, how to acknowledge and work with the negative emotions in our dreams, and move into greater creativity (34:02) Show less
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