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MLP Indie game "help" call

301 views 9 months ago
An all call to ask for help From any brny/Brony sympathiser modelers, programers, Riggers, Animators, Etc. For a game in the works similiar to "Dead Space"

Contact me "Dreadmaster231@yahoo.com" for mre info. Show less
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A small collection of songs from our community, most of it's stuff from 2/3 years ago though so don't expect to find much of the "New" stuff. This is history, it's some of the stuff that built our community, from people you probably have never heard of...

AL - Arcade Ladders Play

A series of fighting games that I play through, From Mortal Kombat to DoA, I will be running their arcade ladders as a single character per video(or videos), and move on to the next one, any defeat in the ladder counts as a restart and will have to be redone on the next cycle.

Some characters I can play bindfolded, others i'd never have dreamed of playing, but am i good enough to beat the arcade as every single fighter? We'll see.
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