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MLP Indie game "help" call

192 views 6 months ago
An all call to ask for help From any brny/Brony sympathiser modelers, programers, Riggers, Animators, Etc. For a game in the works similiar to "Dead Space"

Contact me "Dreadmaster231@yahoo.com" for mre info. Show less
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My Little Pony: Fan tracks Play

This is basically a show of a fan made album of fan made songs... i did some screwing around ith my itunes library and well this popped up so yea i cant give you the full idea of it but i can give shimmer of what its supposed to be like

all the songs are in the exact way they are put in the album track list i made sure that each one is complemented in the beginning and in the end

To start off i chose The sparta remix because of 2 things the first is that i think its awesome and the second is becuse it helps lighten the mood for later in the track list. its also mighty funny of futtershy...

Afterwards i followed up with "My little hybrid" becuase aside from perfect end/ beginning connection it also slows it down and gets ready for the pick up into importance.

Now the Tracklist gets its "Dark" on starting off with " Luna's Fall to Darkness" and its sort of Orchiatral piano type vibe alows one to feel the moments just before luna is sent to spend her days on a giant white rock. i also like how it picks up halfway through as if to symbolize the calling of arms but is then contradicted and returned by subtlety.

thyen we eas into "Escape from the moon" to symbolize the return of nightmare moon in a psuedo War Techno. what makes this work so welol is the fact that after the orchetra its like a hype moment. and builds the tension as it silently tells the battle and then the inevitable rise of the New Lunar republic (which just so hapens to be the next song)

as we move away from luna we still stay grimdark as we hear the sounds of "Baked bads" which in my opinion is a damn good song. nuff said...

a funny thing though is that right afterwards is played "The Best party" which shines because of its great contrast to the previous songs its like getting beaten with a stick then being coverd in foam..odd but still interesting.

afterwards is what i like to think of as a Pink play on its called "Pinkies lie" i love this because of thje feeling i get from ti and plus i would love to see somebody do the riverdance to it.

ok so i know the commie song had nothing to with MLP but i had fun with it so just let it slide

And as a finally i have "Obey" i mean i couldnt have one anthem without the other could i?
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