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Pokémon Plasma Version Wii Box-Art & Channel Screen Revealed! 1080p HD

121,911 views 3 years ago
The Box-Art and Wii Channel Screen for Pokémon Plasma Version on Wii.
The description is this:
Return to all the different regions in the Pokémon World in a massive, sinister adventure. Travel to Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and the new Isshu region as you attempt to capture all 649 Pokémon!

But all is not as it seems... The evil Team Plasma have risen again and using the powers of Victini, have joined forces with Teams Rocket, Aqua, Magma and Galactic to conquer the entire Pokémon World. You, playing as your own customisable character, must gather an army of the strongest Pokémon Trainers to overthrow the strengthened Team Plasma once again in the ultimate Pokémon adventure!

P.S. This is fake! Show less
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