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A True, True Friend - MLP:FiM Piano Cover

38,145 views 1 year ago
Additional materials courtesy of KaoruTF2!
Sheets - http://www.mediafire.com/?l...
MIDI - http://www.mediafire.com/?x...

Third time's the charm, right? =P
I checked and checked and triple-checked to make sure I was learning the right key-change this time, even went and double-checked some of the synthesia tutorials here on youtube. Goodness knows I just want to move on, this song is driving me nuts XD
Also, I have learned that I'm not very fond of playing in B Major in certain circumstances, this song being one of them. XP

I've been thinking that I might set the other two uploads of this song to private, what do you all think of that idea? I'd appreciate a little feedback on this mainly because I'm thinking of doing a little bit of a purge in terms of setting all my lower-quality renditions to "unlisted" or "private" so that they don't keep clogging up my channel. Do you guys still view them? Or is it just wasted space? Please let me know! =)

Also, I actually have started learning Celestia's Ballad at this point. At the moment I'm right up to the beginning of the transformation sequence right after Celestia finishes singing. It's looking to be quite nifty if I do say so myself. ^_^

News time!
As many of you might already know I'm performing at EQLA in less than a month. That being said I'm kinda going to be hunkering down and practicing my brains out up until the convention. I have a LOT of time to fill, so I've got to have on the order of ~25-30 songs and variations of songs committed to memory by the time that hits. So I apologize if I'm a bit slow on the creation of the tutorials for these two pieces, it might take a little while to find the time.

Also, my thoughts go out to all the people in Boston effected by the bombings. Wishing you all safe goings-on in the time yet to come.

Credit for the original composition goes to Daniel Ingram, and it is definitely worth mentioning the fine folks at Hasbro, Studio B, and DHX Media at well. Show less
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    In other new, just got back from a week in Hawaii! :D

    Also, I'm kinda slacking on learning new songs right now, I know =P
    But these covers are honestl...

    I'm just having fun, being silly, and experimenting. X)

    And no, I don't know what the third F stands for. It appeared when typing the title and I just rolled with it. =P

    Credit for the original c...
  • I Have to Find a Lazy Way

    People: "Doc, go to bed..."

    Me: "I can't. The piano's awake, so I'm awake, so I have to play."

    People: "Go play by yourself"

    *mischievous smirk*
    *climbs on people's head*

    "Do you wanna make a c...
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