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Carin Bondar

NO SPINES - A Better Version of Blurred Lines...

23,014 views 3 months ago
I've always been a fan of the spineless. Invertebrates are so cool and diverse, and among the most fascinating organisms on the planet. What better way to celebrate them than with a song?

One of the greatest things about making these parodies is discovering the incredibly talented people around me. The amazing vocals and sound mixing were done by Emily Hamel-Brison, with help from Hanna Hotanen and Pauline Dynowski.

Check out my co-star Brent Ray Fraser at his website here: www.brentrayfraser.com

Check out the Reptile and Invertebrate rescue centre owned and operated by my friend Mike Hopcraft: www.thereptileguy.info

Our fabulous stills (including my current profile photo) were shot by Sara Finley: http://sarahsovereign.com

The Full Lyrics:

Everybody read up
Hey Hey Hey

If you're not clear, on your invertebrates
Don't worry I'm here, to set your knowledge straight
Maybe you're stuck on phyla
Cladistically behind
Let's get 'em straight in your mind

Ok so here we go, don't underestimate them
Cuz these great animals, outnumber us in nature
They will exhilarate you, diversity is so huge,
Humans are minor next to

And that's why I'm gon' give you details,
On invert fauna, on invert fauna, I know you want 'em
Life at grand scales
Don't let it get past you,
Vertebrates are so few

Most organisms have no spines
Phylum Porifera
AKA sponges
Tissues are porous
(!) Circulation is key
Thru flagellated cavities
In fresh water and sea
There's totipotency

Next we hit cnidarians
Corals and jellyfish
Meso-glea nematocysts
Box jellies will kill you so quick!

They're predatory
In all their glory
That ain't no story

Ok the molluscs now, I'll try to educate well,
They've got a mantle and, secrete their very own shells,
They got a muscular foot, most species really taste good,
Clams, mussels, snails and squid

And that's why I'm gon' give you details,
On invert fauna,
On invert fauna,
I know you want e'm
Life at grand scales,
Don't let it get past you
Vertebrates are so few.

Most organisms have no spines,
The annelids next
(I hate them spines)
Most folks don't re-spect
(I hate them spines)
Vermiform objects

But we need them!
They're worms with segments
Lots burrow in sediment
Some live near deep sea vents


One thing I ask urgently
Which phylum's got most diversity?
That's conquered land and air and also sea
There's millions of species so I decree
Arthropoda wins out quite earnestly
Exoskeletons characterize identity
Segmented bodies and jointed appendages
Provide evolutionary advantages
Five hundred million years ago they came,
Many species we have yet to find and name,
Five sub phyla 'cept trilobites became
Extinct. But the others win diversity fame
So just watch, and learn,
So many groups to be discerned.
Chelicerata, myriapods, crustaceans hexapoda
Respect the arthropods you have been told-a!

We describe, we run down, read up!

Say echinoderm!

Deuterostomy, they all live in the ocean,
Pentaradial symmetry, water vascular motion
Urchins and sea stars,
Body forms bizzare
Haemal no true heart

Finally lets discuss Tunicates
They're actually chordates,
Because of a larval trait,
The notochord sets their fate

Ascidians so fine
adults are sedentary
colonial or solitary

Most organisms got no spines.
That's invert fauna
That's invert fauna
That's invert fauna
Life at grand scales
Don't let it get past you
Vertebrates are so few
Think about that, I do.

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