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NHL 15: Teaser Trailer Breakdown + Next Gen NHL CONFIRMED

1,952 views 2 months ago
Hope you guys enjoyed the video, let me know in the comments if you guys are excited for NHL 15 and let me know who you guys want to see on the NHL 15 cover.
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NHL 14 is an upcoming ice hockey video game developed by EA Canada and to be published by EA Sports. It is the 23rd installment of the NHL series and will be released on September 10, 2013 in North America, and three days later in Europe as well as Australia and New Zealand.[1] However, the game will be released on September 7, 2013 for subscribers of the EA Sports Season Ticket service.[2]
Like the NHL 13 cover, anybody could vote on the player(s) they wished to see on the cover of NHL 14. The vote started on April 22, 2013 with 60 NHL players (2 players per team) in a single-elimination voting with two players in each match-up, and was closed on June 2, 2013.[3][4] Devils goaltender Martin Brodeur and Blue Jackets goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky qualified for the final,[5] and Brodeur was announced as the winner on June 28, 2013.[6] NHL 14 will mark the first time since NHL 97 that a goaltender is featured on the cover (John Vanbiesbrouck was on the cover that year), as well as the first goaltender on any ice hockey video game cover since Marty Turco on 2K Sports' NHL 2K6. Jonas Hiller was featured on the cover of NHL 12, but only in PAL regions.
NHL 14 has overhauls to two game engines, based on other sports titles developed by EA Canada. The collision physics are now powered by the same core technology behind the FIFA Player Impact Engine. For more realistic fights, the game employs the new Enforcer Engine based on the Fight Night series. In addition, the True Performance Skating engine got some more improvements, and the game has a new deking system. The game's Be a Pro career mode now has off-the-ice interactions to dictate the player's overall legacy.[7] NHL 14 will also feature a modernized version of NHL '94, called NHL '94 Anniversary mode, featuring current rosters and updated graphics to commerate the game's 20th anniversary.
Live the Life Mode -- The evolution of the Be a Pro Career Mode, now you can truly Live the Life of an NHL player. On or off the ice, every decision you make shapes your legacy as an athlete. Interact with teammates outside of the rink. Take part in media interviews. Each choice you make will affect your relationship with fans, teammates and management, influencing your skills and progression.
HUT & EASHL Online Seasons -- NHL 14 adds the best-in-class promotion and relegation system in the sports category to the Hockey Ultimate Team & EA SPORTS Hockey League modes. Win games and advance to the next division to face tougher competition, fall short and see your team bumped down. Teams will be able to track their progress across multiple seasons.
NHL 94 Anniversary Mode showcases its hockey video gaming roots through a retro presentation including blue ice, classic star-shaped player indicators, 16-bit arena powerbars, no adboards, and throwback organ music. The mode features old-school NHL '94­-style gameplay that uses classic button controls to deliver big hits, real fights, dirty dangles, and sick snipes. Show less
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NHL 14: HUT Pack & Play Play

A series where I open as many packs as possible, and whatever players I get from the packs are the players i must use in an upcoming game. Every episode i must replace each player from my team with the most recent players i get to always keep the team randomized.

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A series where Deke, Moldgold, McDonaghx27, AkAxRaNdOmHEROx, Smellykickbutt, and myself play EASHL and try to strive for the division 1 title in our new club called ''Frostbite''

NHL 14: Live The Life Play

A series where i start off as a prospect in order to get drafted by an NHL team which then i work my way up in NHL to gain experience and try to become the best of the best. While i face many challenges, such as off season decisions and on ice decisions that could make or break my players future.

NHL 14: Tutorials Play

Everything that needs to be known for NHL 14 is here. I will help my viewers improve they're game by showcasing many techniques such as dekes, celebrations and much more. Contact me if you would like help on a certain technique, and i will make a video.

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