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Clumps of Mascara

The best of Clumps of Mascara

5,931 views 4 years ago
Me being...me. Think I should do more non-beauty videos like this? Shoot me some suggestions and I'll jump on it! Show less
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Beginner Level make-up tutorials Play

There are so many how-to tutorials out there on YouTube. I know, I know. However, mine are a little more unique because they are for the "newbies" in the beauty world. You don't know have to know all of the beauty lingo/concepts to follow along.


Send your requests to me at ClumpsOfMascara.com. Each video has a link on the right that will take you to the corresponding post at ClumpsOfMascara.com.

Stay beautiful!

Natural Hair maintenance/ramblings Play

Another brown girl proud to wear her hair naturally and sharing her journey with fellow YouTubers.

These videos talk about my experience with BCing (cutting off) my hair for the 2nd time, an ode to my hair, products I have used and everything in between.

My hair type is around 4B. I am currently loc'ing my hair and documenting my journey at LocRocker.com. Should you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to send me an email at Brittany@ClumpsOfMascara.com.

Love your natural hair, ladies. It is beautifully and uniquely yours.
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