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How do we Spur Innovation & Job Creation? George Gilder, author of Knowledge & Power

1,121 views 6 months ago
In this short clip, bestselling author and famed economist George Gilder answers your question about how to spur job creation and innovation, both of which have been headline questions in America's economic arena for years. In his new book Knowledge and Power: The Information Theory of Capitalism and How It Is Revolutionizing Our World, Gilder synthesizes his analysis of technology and economics to build a new theory of capitalism. Submit your questions for George Gilder online at http://www.askgilder.com Show less
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Science & Human Origins Play

Science & Human Origins (http://www.discoveryinstitutepress.com/science-and-human-or­igins), the provocative new book from Discovery Institute Press, boldly addresses some of the most popular evolutionary arguments pertaining to controversial claims that humans and apes are related through common ancestry.

In Science & Human Origins three scientists challenge the claim that undirected natural selection is capable of building a human being. The authors critically assess fossil and genetic evidence that human beings share a common ancestor with apes, and debunk recent claims that the human race could not have started from an original couple.
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