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Sony A7S Hands-on Review

31,781 views 16 hours ago
The Sony A7S (http://bit.ly/Sonya7s) is a full frame mirror-less camera that shoots photos and 4K videos in low light. But is this the high-end DSLR killer? We find out by testing it's capacity in the dark.

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"Pro Photographer, Cheap Camera" Series by DigitalRev Play

In this series we bring in a pro photographer, and swap their pro equipment with one random cheap camera that we found in the car boots or garage sales. Whether it's a camera on the iPhone 2G, or a Vivitar thingy, a Rollei crapline 102, a Yashica EZ F-whatever, or a 2 megapixel lego camera that breaks into pieces (literally!), the pro is challenged to do a proper photo shoot with these cameras and no assistance from their pro gears whatsoever.
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