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Dewar's India

The Dewarists S03E07 - 'I'

51,286 views 4 months ago
Our season finale features a pastiche of form, genre, media and style through a collaboration between India's folk rock collective, The Raghu Dixit Project; a contemporary dance troupe, Nritarutya; mask maker, Sridhar Murthy; and graffiti artist and animator, Harun Robert. Shot in the agglomeration that Bengaluru has come to be known by, our artists rework the visual, verbal and visceral, as they come together to create a spectacle that promises a fitting end to Season Three of The Dewarists, where music meets art.

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The Dewarists Season 3 - Music Videos Play

The music videos of some of the most inspirational artists from around the world, as they travel and collaborate on The Dewarists Season 3. The collaborations are made with two unique expressions, one of music and the other of art come together and create the soundtrack of the 21st century.

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The journey continues with Season Two of The Dewarists...
Travels of inspirational musicians from around the world culminate in the creation of original tracks -- reflective not only of combined influences and genres, but the sounds and culture of their surroundings.
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