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The Future Is Now CS:GO Frag Movie

7,791 views 7 months ago
Entry for: http://movienations.com/con...
Hey, my new movie is here! It is quite fast paced and overall it has more editing than my previous movie. Also I didn't make a playerbar this time because I think it wouldn't fit since it would have to change so often, and I was also too lazy to make it. Next movie will have it promise. :D Also don't worry if I didn't use your demo, I didn't delete them and I will use them in future projects.
Overall I like this movie and I hope you do too, there were some places where it could have been better, especially the velocity. Also I kinda failed a little bit with the colors, since when it is completely black, like an awp scope, it makes some wierd gray lines that aren't cool. And yeah the intro part was kinda rushed.

Frags in order of apperance: 5onic, aivikxs, FuasTex, 5onic, Lock, Flaring, griMz, EMRX, mellowboyyy, griMz, Independent, mellowboyyy, prelideN, Lock, DeviMon
Demopack: http://www.filefactory.com/...

btw, I'm planning on doing a movie with only clutches so if you have something worth checking send ;) Show less
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