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Derek M Johnson

"Ektagraphtastic" pt 1 19th Olympia Experimental Music Festival

188 views 1 year ago
Slide projector performance at the 19th annual Olympia Experimental Music Festival

All slides were of manipulated ads and medical lectures.
Two stacks of projectors on either side of audience. Both were had pickups and mics running into delay pedals and amps.
In the back of the room was a small amp playing a recording of slide projectors.

Up front are two hanging projectors, which I turned off once we restored the power.

On the table I have 2 projectors, one with the back off and another plugged in.
The broken one sparked and arced during the soundcheck which also fried one of my pedals.
The pedals are my boards that I use with my cello.

Total of 9 Kodak Ektagraphic projectors. Models: B-2, E-1, III ATS, III AMT, III A, III AT Show less
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