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Deovandski Skibinski junior

Skyrim Main theme with Lyrics (Dragon and English)

215,294 views 2 years ago
All copyrights Reserved to its owners!

Thank you so much for the 200000+ views!

It may seem not necessary but the "Huh, Huah, Hur" was used at the beginning and at 2:47 to assist me while I was syncing everything... Since it was still there after I finished editing, I decided to leave as it is...

Video created by Deovandski Skibinski junior

I hope you like it and I am sorry if I got anything wrong (I spent hours revising it to be flawless)

Please Share my work and feel free to share my video as long as give credit to me for making the video, and Bethesda for creating such awesome game! Show less
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