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PTQ Dundee (for PT Hollywood) Play

It was a cold weekend when Dan and his friend Simon travelled from London, England to Dundee, Scotland to attend the PTQ for Pro-Tour Hollywood. The date was February 16 2008 and the format was Extended.

PTQ Bradford (for PT Hollywood) Play

On January 5 2008, Dan and I filmed our trip up to the Extended PTQ in Bradford, England. We also filmed four matches from the Top 8.

PTQ Birmingham (for PT Hollywood) Play

On February 9 2008, Alex went up to Birmingham to film the PTQ for Pro Tour Hollywood.

Unfortunately he only managed to film the journey up there and one quarter-final because UK coaches and trains leave Birmingham waaaay too early in the evening.

Anyway, the video's way overdue, and we apologise for that. We hope you enjoy it all the same.

- DeckConstruct.com
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