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Sascha Frost - "Our Equation" (original, rough)

106 views 5 days ago
Finally had some time to sit down and write a new song for the album. I just recently got a new MXL 990 mic, so now I finally have a dual mic setup for once. It's about time I guess. Anyway, hope you enjoy this one, and hopefully there is more to come.


I shake you down
I stir you up
You put me down
Can’t pick you up

And it’s your heart
that breaks around me
You came apart
Fragments surround me

You are isolated and cold
You are someone you don’t know

You think I’ll realize you’re my own secret
Not part of a sequence I can possibly regret

You think I’ll realize that a picture of your face
Would never be enough for me to feel through your true grace

I’ll capture you
Like you captured me
But I’ll make sure
You can still run free

And if the chains
Around us should break
From this dream
I’ll be awake

Our feelings are sacrificed and sold
For something better, something better we hope

And if our equation is mutually embraced
I’ll never be left with just a picture of your face

We’ll seek a solution to balance out the math
No colloidal mixture of incompatible halves Show less
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