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Chef David Edelstein

PIT BULLS In America: What You DON'T Know

156,839 views 2 years ago
NOTICE TO PIT BULL HATERS... when you can produce a legitimate argument with verifiable facts (vs the non-sense/ sensationalized 1/4 truths you heard on the news or read in the newspaper or because "your friend told you so"), ONLY THEN will your comments be included. My video, My rules!!!

Riddled with Media hype and sensationalism, half truths, and fear mongers and their propaganda... the average American couldn't know less about Pit Bulls.

Everything the media and haters conveniently omit when making their point about this breed is here: Pit Bulls, when responsibly owned, are service dogs, frizbee champs, companions to children and the elderly, they are comedians, atheletes, dinner dates, running partners, and good old fashioned family dogs.

Check out http://www.TeamPitAFull.org... Show less
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Rebuilding America's Dog Play

Rebuilding America's Dog Parts 1, 2, and 3.

Rebuilding the reputation of Pit Bulls though education and awareness, breed history, responsible ownership, rescue, rehabilitation, training, rescue transport, and good old fashion meet and greet's.
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