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Darryl Miller

And It Was So - The Qube

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The Qube explores contemporary creationism...
Music created using Reason 7.1.
Michael The Roach - Music, Drums, Original Arrangement & Mix,
Sascha Kaus ( CranksNGonzos ) - Music,
Darryl Miller - Music , Arrangement, Remix, Video Edit & FX
Stock footage by bottled video.com,Video Blocks & MotionLoops.
Apollo Voice from Maustaste's Apollo Reason Refill (RIP)...
Special Thanks to Elaine Pain for keeping the dream alive. This is part of The Qube Indoctrination collaboration... in progress. Show less
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Indoctrination-The Qube Play

Indoctrination-a 3 CD Spoken word / soundscape adventure and Experimental Feature Film exploring intelligent design, the evolution of man's spirituality and his compassion for humanity, while destroying himself and the world due to character flaws. A drug addicted street poet's musings on man's role, human nature, self examination and spirituality warped through perceptions of mass media, literature, and art. In the end, the truth of events becomes secondary to our perception of these events, and the world we live in. Music by The Qube:
Dan Biholar Spoken Words and actions
Cockroaches - Drums , Music, Reason Wizardry
Darryl Miller Music, sound design, mix , audio and video editor, special effects , videographer, director, and producer.

DarkOne-The Movie Play

The son a morphine addict, the mother a Holocaust survivor. The madness of a family on a hypnotic trip with Australian parrot. Dark One : Feature Length Experimental Documentary, 88 minutes-Director/Producer: Darryl Miller -Executive Producer: Elaine Pain-Production Company: Ice Cube Factory-Nominated for Best Canadian Feature Documentary at Hot Docs. 1743 entries. 19 films were screened-Selected in 2007 for the official program of 50th edition of the International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film.DOK Leipzig is the largest German and one of the leading international festivals for artistic documentary and animated films.Out of a record 2,600 entries, only 120 animated and 190 documentary films were screened.Financial participation by.... Canada Council for the Arts, Saskatchewan Arts Board, SaskFilm and Video Development Corporation, Elaine Pain, and Ice Cube Factory. Links to FREE high resolution downloads + music at
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