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GTA San Andreas | Myths & Legends | Headless Man

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GTA San Andreas | Myths & Legends | Myth #41 | Headless Man

Headless Man - And we though that GTA San Andreas Myths are over. Well, Season 5 is coming with 10 new myths and in this video, I am talking about a mystery that occured in 2011 when a player, claimed to see... a man with no head at Blueberry Acres. Watch the video for the full information.

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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is a registered trademark of Rockstar Games & Rockstar North. I do not claim, or have any, affiliation with them.

● About: Headless Man
● Played on: PC
● Released: July 22nd, 2014
● Recorded With: Fraps 3.4.7
● Edited With: Sony Vegas Pro 11.0
● Thanks To: Rockstar Games, Youtube & You Guys!

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