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Dane Mehl

Bixler GoPro First Mount Test

96 views 5 months ago
With almost 3 hours of flight time under my belt, I figured it was about time to slap my GoPro on the bixler! It was a bit windy again, with 12-14mph winds, but that's all I've been flying in since I started, so I didn't want to wait.

Considering my engine isn't true, and the prop is unbalanced, there is very little "jello" jiggle from vibration. I was quite happy to see the results.

Hoping to start getting into FPV flying very soon. Something to look forward to!

Yes, I did almost crash at the end.... That's when I decided my flight was over and it was time to land.

Music: "Recurring" by Bonobo

Plane: Bixler v1.1
Camera: GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition (with full housing)
Mount: HobbyKing wood Bixler mount. Assembled with hot glue, and held in place with 4 large rubberbands. Show less
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