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  • YAHWEH is thy name !!! There is no greater name in the universe and is the name of THE GOD that made everthing there is , the name that it will be spoken a lot more within the very near future , when You will send YOUR Son on earth once more as promised and i'm so looking forward to that day . I love you and can't wiat to see you MY Father , MY GOD , MY everything . my soul , my mind , my heart were all given to me by YOU so they're yours . THANK YOU for everything my sweet YAHWEH !!!!

    HE is Yahweh

    from the IHOP Prayer Room Worship
    Enjoy the song: He is Yahweh

    Song written by Dean Salyn
  • HOLY HOLY ARE YOU GOD !!! Trully ALMIGHTY and still soooo loving on each and every single thing you've created , including myself.

    All glory to you

    Phillip's, Craig And Dean - Revelation Song

    Best Songs of Praise and Worship of the God Almighty
  • why this song never made it to america ? easy answer and sad in the same time , but it is a simple matter of culture . If it was interpreted by an afro american dude wearing diamonds , totally different faith for this song , but NO , it is a european , and even worse a Romanian and yes , we , eastern europeans , are all gypsies and tourist killers for organ sales for the most powerful nation in the world...AMERICA !!!!! I love the afro american dude wearing diamonds representing them though :)

    Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina - Stereo Love (Official Music Video)

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